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Family Of Charlotte Woman Says She Was Tragically Murdered By A Man’s Wife After He Invited Her To His House!

Cousins! A North Charlotte family has sadly been left with a heavy heart following the tragic murder of their loved one within a described domestic dispute!

According to reports from WBTV, Tyra Crosby was pronounced dead on July 18th after being shot early Tuesday morning. Local officials state that they received a call from a woman named Stephanie Alexander as she explained that she had arrived home and shot a woman she discovered in her house.

Tyra’s mother Tanya Hoskins says she believes her daughter met a man at a club, was lured to his home and ultimately killed. “She was invited to that home. I know my daughter wouldn’t have went there knowing it was a married couple or that it was a wife’s home.

“She was lured there by a man that was old enough to be her father,” the victim’s mother said.

Tanya says that her daughter called her as she was being attacked and that the entire ordeal was captured on her voicemail.

“It’s about an 8-minute-long message of her being beaten, tortured you can also hear them telling her that they were gonna kill her.”

Sources state that the recording has since been handed over to officials and that the tragic incident is currently under investigation.

Stephanie Alexander

Stephanie reminded at the scene of the crime following the incident as local police arrived. She was arrested for voluntary manslaughter and later released on a $250,000 bond.

Tanya says that she hopes that the forwarded evidence changes things. “I am hopeful that once CMPD is able to go through the recording that I have, a new charge comes out,” Hosking said. “Because right now she’s charged with the lowest form of murder. I want it up to first-degree murder.”

The victim’s mother adds, “She murdered my daughter at 5 a.m., and she was out by 8 p.m. So that means that human life means nothing any more.”

Stephanie is scheduled to appear in court on the afternoon of Aug. 7.

“I don’t want the investigators to go away, I won’t stop until there’s another charge,” said Tanya. “And justice for my child.”

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