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Woman Shares A Video On Tiktok Of A Man Attempting To Drug Her At A Club!

Cousins! A young lady has taken to Tik Tok to share a video recording of a gut-wrenching incident as a man attempted to drug her while she partied with friends at a club!

The woman shared a series of videos of her dancing amongst friends throughout the night having a good time on social media as most of us do.

However in one of the videos while she was vibing out an unidentified man can be seen literally placing his hands with folded fingers inside of a cup in front of her. Her cell phone camera catches the ordeal as he accidentally drops the cup in mid-movement. The woman as well as what appears to be an employee of the venue immediately catches the man in the midst of his movement and swipes away the cup.

As the video continues the man doesn’t appear to notice that the entire incident was recorded and continued dancing in efforts of playing it off. The woman as well as her friends are left shocked and physically shaken up as another employee comes over to intersect.

The woman has since taken to TikTok to speak out following the series of unfortunate events. She addresses comments made that the ordeal was a skit while revealing that she has been a victim of drugging before and would never joke about such a serious issue.

Appearing in an updated video she shares that she did contact local authorities and that because they don’t have the drink in possession there is not much they could do.

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