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NLE Choppa Speaks Out Against Negative Social Media Comments Made About Sexxy Red; “Y’all Don’t Know How Negative Comments Can Effect Someone Everyday Life”

NLE Choppa is calling out the Sexxy Red haters who have been speaking negatively over her music!

“I keep seeing the hate that y’all have on my girl Sexyy Red. I’m just a real supporter, a real fan, I love her energy and I love her music personally,” the rapper said in a video posted to his verified Twitter.

“Y’all need to stop doing people like that, treating people like that. Y’all not gonna always hear something that y’all accustomed to or used to. Y’all need people like Sexyy Red to create a balance from serious to shit that you can have fun to.”

The rapper says there should be a balance in music and that folks shouldn’t automatically shut something down because they’re not accustomed to it.

“Y’all don’t know that girl; y’all ain’t met her. I’m just sticking up for her because I ain’t seen nobody else round this muthaf**ka sticking up for her, showing her all this love.”

The rapper also called out the community for failing to embrace her and understanding her origins.

He added, “Why our own community have to turn on our own people?”

“Why can’t we understand her music the same way we understand somebody else?”

NLE also went on to speak on the unfair treatment that female rappers often undergo

“Y’all need to stop treating these women like this. Y’all do males like that too but it’s mainly the women.”

Blavity reports that Sexyy Red has previously addressed negative comments about her style of clothing and rapping. She says that she will continue to remain true to herself. “I just be myself. I really don’t care what nobody think. People, they try to bully people. You not never supposed to let nobody make you feel uncomfortable with being your true self, for real, no matter what you want to dress. Do what you do,” she said.

Cousins, do y’all agree with him?

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