Father Uses 11 Month Old Baby As Shield During Drug Deal Gone Wrong!

#Cousins : we ask you to join us in sending our deepest prayers to the family of an 11 month old baby boy, currently clinging on for dear life after his own father used him as a human shield during a shoot out!

The #NewYorkPost reports ; the horrific incident took place Oct 19 in Philadelphia near the city’s Hunting Park section. Sources have confirmed that 11 month old Yaseem Munir Jenkins endured multiple bullet wounds to his head, buttocks, and neck. Occupants of the moving vehicle consisted of his father Nafes Monroe, stepmom and another male. It has been indicated that Yaseem was in the back of the vehicle at the time.

“He was using counterfeit money to purchase drugs, knowing that counterfeit money is something that is very upsetting to drug dealers, and when they find out that they’re being burned with counterfeit money, they act violently,” states district attorney Anthony Voci within a public statement. “And this was not the first instance of Mr. Monroe using counterfeit money.”

Reports read that Monroe was arrested within connection of the crime. He is set be charged with recklessly endangering another person and endangering the welfare of a child.


“Our investigation has led us to believe that he intentionally had his child with him when he was making such types of purchases with the idea or belief that if someone saw that he had a child in the car, that they would not fire upon him,” Voci continues. “A human shield is probably the term that I would use.”

Officials state that Monroe did not bring Yaseem to the hospital immediately after the shooting.

“He … was not only in the car with his child in harm’s way, but drove the child to a house rather than taking him to a hospital immediately, then dropped his child off at the hospital and never looked back,” states Voci.

Officials believe that there is a fairly limited chance Yaseem will ever fully recover from the shooting and if he does he will suffer tremendously as a quadriplegic.

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