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Lab Tests Confirm That The Substance Discovered Within West Wing Area Of The White House Was Cocaine!

Cousins! An official lab testing for the substance discovered at the White House on Sunday has tested positive for cocaine!

According to CNN, it has been stated that the previously discovered substance had already been field tested determining that it was cocaine, however, officials sent the substance for further evaluation confirms the Secret Service.

As we previously reported, an investigation was been launched after a white powder substance suspected to be cocaine was discovered within the West Wing area of the White House!

CBS NEWS, confirms brief shutdown was conducted at the premises on Sunday after the substance tested positive for cocaine shortly after its discovery.

Reports read that the substance was found within a commonly shared area of the West Wing. The area is occupied by the Oval Office w additional offices utilized by some of President Biden’s top aides and supporting staff. The substance was located in a cubby often used by some of White House staff members and guests to store their cell phones.

The Secret Service declares that they will continue to investigate how cocaine ended up in the White House.

Officials confirm that President Biden and his family were at Camp David days before and after the discovery.

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