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Colin Kaepernick Reveals That He Is Still Preparing For An NFL Comeback,” I Still Train For It Everyday”

Cousins! It has been well over seven years since former quarterback Colin Kaepernick suited up as he’s been seemingly Blackballed from the NFL following his participation in racial injustice protesting!

According to reports from PEOPLE, Colin is still preparing for his official comeback. “I still train for it every day. I still prepare for it every day.”

The 35-year-old says, “More than anything is trying to get someone to open the door and evaluate me based upon the merits of what I can do on the field, as opposed to it being a political issue.”

The former quarterback worked out for the Las Vegas Raiders last season. He told USA Today that he still has “the passion and love” for football. “I’ll keep banging on those doors”. He expressed that if the opportunity ever presented itself he’d hope to lead a team back to the Super Bowl.

“I wouldn’t be coming back to play one year,” he says. “I’m coming back to win a championship and try to win multiple championships.”

Back in 2021, Colin shared that he still wakes up at 5 am between five or six days a week to train for his possible return. He says it is “not something I will ever let go of, regardless of the actions of 32 teams and their partners to deny me employment.”

Reports read that Colin hasn’t played in the league since 2016, prior to his unwarranted exit.

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