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Janelle Monae Trends On Twitter After Exposing Her Breast During Essence Festival Performance!

Cousins! Janelle Monae is currently the talk of the town on social media following her performance today at Essence Festival as her melons made a special guest appearance as well!

Within a series of mixed emotions online users have shared their personal opinions. As some believe Janelle’s quick flash is harmless performance art others feel she’s diving off the deep end to stay relevant.

“Janelle Monae took her titty out at Essence Fest during her performance last night and the religious fanatics on IG are short-circuiting. It’s a titty, babes. Her nipple was covered and she was performing a song and it’s just a fucking titty. People are weird,” wrote a Twitter user.

“I saw Janelle Monae’s Essence Festival performance, and I see nothing wrong with her bearing her breasts! But the older Twitter Aunties didn’t like it! Some of you’ll are just mean girls, the senior citizen edition,” wrote another user.

“ When Janelle Monáe hit the music scene big, I LOVED what she was initially doing. It was different, refreshing and creative. Now to see what she’s done at Essence shows that now she has to roll with the degenerate club in music,” says a Twitter user.

“I understand that artists in music want to evolve and grow but at what cost? Why can’t those in music just work tirelessly on their craft and get attention for that, VS. purposely exposing yourself for quick and cheap publicity? SMH. I’ve been over this porn music industry! This is why I can only listen to old music or someone who is doing the total opposite of the nonsense because I can’t be bothered!

Miami, Florida legend Uncle Luke also took to social media to tap in on Janelle’s controversial performance.

Cousins, what y’all think?

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