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All Five Seasons Of “Insecure” Officially Available For Streaming On Netflix!

Cousins! This is not a drill! We repeat this is not a drill! Issa Rae’s hit original series Insecure has officially landed a spot on Netfflix lineup of television series 🙌🏿

According to Entertainment Weekly, all five seasons are currently available for fans to binge. Reports read that the hit series is marked as one of several HBO original shows set to make their way to the streaming platform a part of a new potential deal between Netflix and HBO’s parent company Warner Bros. Discovery.

The exclusive partnership has been noted as a licensing deal between Max and Netflix as show titles such as ‘Six Feet Under’ , ‘Ballers’ , ‘Band Of Brothers’ , ‘Insecure’ and ‘The Pacific’ will be availble to watch on both platforms.

It has been stated that the merger comes as the platform is seeking to reportedly cut costs. HBO Max now known as Max has already began moving their original content off of their streaming platform as a tax write-off. Platforms such as Disney+ and Paramount+ have made similar moves.

Entertainment Weekly suggests that this new move can also open up a new avenue for streamers to license and profit from their original content.

Cousins, will y’all tuning in?

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