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Michael Jackson Accuser Wade Robson Set To Go To Trial On Claims Of Molestation!

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Cousins! Nearly 13 years after the passing of pop legend Michael Jackson, it has been announced that his accuser Wade Robson is set to go to trial upon previous claims of molestation!

According to reports from TMZ , the famous choreographer has stated that Michael allegedly molested him at his Neverland Ranch from the ages of 7 through 14. Wade’s notion for trial was approved by the California Court of Appeal on Monday.

Reports read that Wade previously sued Michael’s corporation of MJJ Productions, Inc. in which they are said to have argued against the lawsuit that they had no legal obligation to protect him or anyone else from the legendary singer because they could not control him.

It has been stated that the Court of Appeal recently overturned the 2021 Los Angeles County trial dismissal of the case, along with issuing a wavering ruling that the case will be redirected to trial.

Court documents obtained by the Daily Mail list Wade’s claim that he moved from Australia to the U.S. as a kid. The now 40-year-old says that he met Michael when he was a child, that they became friends, and that he eventually sexually abused him.

Check out the dated timeline provided by the Daily Mail of Michael’s arrest and court appearances following the forwarded accusations:

•Michael in November of 2003 was arrested in Santa Barbara, California – two days after Neverland was raided – and indicted on 10 counts including lewd conduct with a minor, conspiracy to commit child abduction, false imprisonment, and extortion (involving a separate minor).

•The criminal case went to trial in February of 2005, attracting ample media attention with more than 130 witnesses taking the stand, including Robson, who said that he had slept in the bed alongside Jackson but that the singer had not tried to molest him.

•Jackson was ultimately found not guilty of all of the charges June 14, 2005.

•Robson altered his account of the events eight years later, when in 2013, he sued the company representing Jackson’s estate, saying that his previous testimony in support of the musical artist was the result of ‘complete manipulation and brainwashing,’ the outlet reported.

Another male by the name of James Safechuck, previously came forward with claims of molestation by Michael. He appeared alongside Wade in the “Leaving Neverland,” documentary. Sources state that he has a current case set to go before the Court of Appeal. The case is also scheduled to proceed trial, confirms the Daily Mail.

Both men had filed suits against Michael’s estate which were ultimately dismissed in 2017 due to statute of limitations. Their cases were reopened in 2019 following California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s law providing a longer timeframe for litigation for people who claim they were sexually abused as kids, reads a report from the Daily.

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