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Cardi B Claps Back At Tasha K For Criticizing Her Behavior Following TakeOff’s Tragic Death!

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Cousins! Just when we thought it was safe with the smoke cleared and things seemingly settled down, Tasha K. returned to stir up the pot between herself and Cardi B!

The drama began earlier this week as Cardi shared her personal views surrounding world reports of the missing Titan Submarine. The Bronx, New York native took to social media to call out one of the victim’s stepson for turning up at a Blink 182 concert while the future of his stepdad’s life was in jeopardy.

Tasha decided to speak on Cardi’s video by writing a controversial comment under a post from the Neighborhood Talk in which folks believe she was referring to her as being condescending. “Wasn’t she posting guns right after Takeoff died? And on the internet, cutting up not long after his sudden Takeoff? I’m just asking…Everyone grieves diff…”

Folks believe the popular Youtuber was describing Cardi’s behavior of waving firearms in Latto’s recently released music video for “Put It On Da Floor’ (Remix).

It wasn’t long before the Grammy award winning rapper took to twitter to respond. She wrote, “And Tasha K with your despicable ass.. to bring up Takeoff to prove a fake ass point is disgusting. I lost weight. I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep. Me and my man STILL dealing with that to this day.”

“I’m a rapper. We are targeted all the time, so I have guns for protection. But since you wanna be funny for comments, ima make sure your kid don’t go to college. Do you think my lawyers don’t know you hiding money in Africa? Ima make sure I get every red cent of my 4 mill. DON’T EVER PUT TAKEOFF NAME IN YA MOUTH.”

Tasha responded with a shady apology on social media to both Cardi and her fans as she issues claims that their ongoing legal battles have been keeping her from releasing a second album. She says that because of their ongoing battle Cardi has been forced to go on an endorsement spree to pay for both studio time and surgery.

“ I wanna send a sincere apology out to #bardigang. It’s my fault as to
why y’all don’t have a 2nd album. She’s been in court with me for 6 years distracted from her purpose. Now going on 7. Atlantic is broke
and won’t help pay for a 2nd album, offset in court fighting to release an album and my sis-in-law sold her rights to her catalog off too early in her career. Now there is no money to produce the album. She is constantly taking car insurance ads to keep the lights on and pay
lawyers to continue to chase me down for money I don’t have.”

She added, “I’m so sorry for distracting yall queen! Between me & the surgeons we owe Y’all a huge apology. Atlantic refuses to give her any money to
produce a second album because they took such a loss on her first album that she is now starting to promote 6 years later. Again, I’m so sorry. It’s all my fault. But if you want music, real consistent music, please stream #barbieworld this Friday..”

Social media users note Tasha’s behavior as interesting especially since sister-girl just filed for bankruptcy not too long after being found liable for defamation of character with a lawsuit filed by Cardi.

Cousins, check out what social media users had to say and let us know your thoughts below!

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