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Nia Long Set To Release Memoir Reflecting On Her Career, Motherhood And Activism,”You Will Find Truth And Transparency”

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Cousins! Nia Long is gearing up to share the most intimate parts of her life with the world in a highly anticipated memoir!

The actress says in an exclusive interview with ESSENCE she will reflect on her career, journey through motherhood, and activism. The 52-year-old shares that her memoir will feature self-reflections and untold stories surrounding her life’s story.

“I am thrilled to have found a home for my memoir at Gallery and 13a,” says the 52 year old “My steps to finding divine purpose have been thoughtful and intentional. For better or worse, you will find truth and transparency in the storytelling, sprinkled with ’90s nostalgia.”

Reports read that Nia has decided to partner up with 13a to publish her memoir. As an imprint of Simon & Schuster the publication strives to assist Black voices in sports, music, film, and various other genres to share their stories.

13a is named after the 13th amendment within U.S history, marking the official abolishment of slavery, reports ESSENCE.

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