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Normani Shares That She Has New Music On The Way; Reveals That Both Her Parents Had Been Battling Cancer!

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Cousins! Get them playlists ready because Normani is gearing up for a major comeback just in time for the summer!

It’s no secret that fans of the singer have been pretty vocal in their demands for Normani to officially release her long-awaited debut album. Appearing in an interview with Bose, the 27-year-old shares that during her absence she’s been being much more intentional with her work and becoming more direct with her artistry.

While steadily growing her continued love for her craft, Normani speaks on how music has been a safe haven for her through some heavy storms she’s faced within the last few years.

“(When my mom was going through chemo) the thing that really kept her going was getting on FaceTime and being like, ‘How are the sessions going.’ She’s always so eager to hear the new records we’ve been working on,” says Normani.

She went in to reveal that her dad had been diagnosed with cancer just a year after her mom had been going through chemotherapy for her second diagnosis of breast cancer.

“And then a year later when my dad ended up being diagnosed he would say mid treatment, ‘I’m ready for you to take over the world.’”

Throughout the uncertain times, Normani has taken on the task of keeping herself grounded as she dealt with her parent’s health issues while deciding what she wanted to make out of her own life. She explains, “It’s deep but it’s not that deep. You have all the tools that you need to reach your full potential and to step into what God has called you to do and what’s for you is for you, trust that.”

According to Just Jarred, Normani’s mother Andrea Hamilton completed chemotherapy treatment for her second diagnosis of breast cancer back in 2021.

Normani shares that the new music, she is set to release will connect to her fans on a higher level. She says that she aspires to represent girls that look like her. “When I was younger, I was so grateful to have the Janets of the world and the Ciaras and Destiny’s Child to be able to look at them and see myself, I felt represented. So for me, I always say representation is key. And I feel like I’m walking evidence that anyone can achieve their dreams as long as they really keep their mind to it and have faith.”

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