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Family Of College Bound Student Deeply Concerned After Teen Misses High-School Graduation After Disappearing A Week Ago!

Cousins! A Philadelphia family is currently searching for answers following the disappearance of a teenage girl just days before her high school graduation!

According to Fox 29 News, Shalaya Porter was last seen on Monday, June 5th near her home on 46th Street and Fairmount Avenue. The 18-year-old was scheduled to graduate Friday, June 9th, and had still not been located.

Reports read that the teen’s mother discovered Shalaya’s cell phone on her bed after calling it and noticing that she left it at home. Sadly there was still no sign of her daughter.

Shalaya’s family shares that she is considered a sincerely relatable teen with excellent attendance at school. They state that she was excited to graduate from Motivation high school as she was accepted into Morgan State University to study architecture and fashion.

“Shalaya would have never missed the opportunity to go to college. Shalaya would have never left her mom,” stated her aunt, Felicia Hill.

It has been indicated that the teen’s loved ones have passed around thousands of flyers as they continue to search for her. Sadly the family hasn’t gained any leads on her disappearance.

On Tuesday June 13th, a rally was held at her High School.

“That’s my only child. Just let her go. Bring her home. I’ll send a cash reward for you. I just can’t do this without her,” said her mother, Kaleia Porter as she shared to anyone who may be holding her daughter hostage.

Cousins! Officials advise anyone with information surrounding Shalaya’s whereabouts to contact the Philadelphia Police Southwest Detective Division phone line at 215-686-3183.

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