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White Woman Arrested Days After Fatally Shooting Black Mother Of Four In Front Of Her Children!

Cousins! An arrest has officially been made following a Florida community’s outcry for justice as a Black mother of four was fatally shot in front of her children by a neighbor!

The incident took place Friday June 2nd in Marion County as Ajike “Aj” Owens played with her small children. A woman now identified as Susan Louise Lorincz is said to have approached the family while allegedly spewing multiple racial slurs. It has been stated that the 35 year old in response, gathered her kids and exited the area.

Ajike noticed soon after that one of her children had left their iPad behind within the field. It has been stated by multiple outlets that when the young mother asked Susan for her child’s device back she threw it on the ground and broke the screen. According to reports from WESH news Susan is said to have tossed a pair of skates at one of Ajike’s children.

It has been stated that Ajike had approached Susan’s home to speak about the incident, however she was sadly met with gunfire as she was fatally shot through the door.

“Her children ran to my house, banging on the door. Saying to call the police, that their mother was shot,” says Ashley Remy, a neighbor.

Marion County Sheriff Billy Woods has stated that there has been an ongoing feud between the two women and that law enforcement is familiar as they’ve been called to the area more than five times. “She has called the cops just for them playing,” said Ashley. “She calls them names.”

Sheriff Woods describes the ordeal as a neighborhood feud that tragically escalated over time. “We know that this has basically been a neighborhood feud over time,” Sheriff Woods told the outlet. “I’ve got reports that these things, they’ve called, one side or the other. Either the mother, Ms. Owens, has called, or the shooter has called complaining about the children.”

Prior to Susan’s arrest Sheriff Woods explained that the case displayed gray areas as the state of Florida follows the ‘Stand your ground’ law and that they’d have to prove whether she acted in self defense or not.

“Because we want to seek justice and we want to assure that we get the facts right, especially in a case to this level, we just don’t take always one side,” Sheriff Woods said. “‘Cause it doesn’t always paint the full picture.”

The controversial lawdeclares that a person has the right to meet force with deadly force, but only if necessary to prevent death or great bodily harm, reports CNN. States such as Texas, Georgia, Missouri, Pennsylvania, and Michigan also follow the stand your ground law.

“Any time that we think or perceive or believe that that might come into play, we cannot make an arrest. The law specifically says that, and what we have to rule out is whether the deadly force was justified or not before we can even make the arrest,” stated Sheriff Woods.

As per WESH, Attorney Anthony D. Thomas, who is working alongside Civil Rights attorney Ben Crump, said that they have plans to deliver justice for Ajike’s family.

CNN reports Susan was taken into police custody on Tuesday night and that it is unclear at this time whether she was officially arrested or charged.

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