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California High School Teacher Sparks Outrage Following Viral Clip Of Her Speaking On Anal Intercourse And Advising Students Where They Can Purchase Adult Toys!

Cousins! A California faculty member has folks on social media wondering if sexual education has changed much since they were enrolled in school following a viral clip of a teacher speaking in detail to students about anal sex!

El Dorado High school teacher of Placentia, California was captured on cellphone footage dishing explicit detailed instructions to a classroom full of teens on how to inflict pleasure during anal sex.

According to the Daily Star, the video was originally posted on Instagram where the woman can be seen sitting on top of her desk speaking directly to the students. In the video is a picture of a prostate gland behind the woman who can be heard breaking down why anal sex is pleasurable to men.

The teacher has been identified on social media as Mrs. Judy Rehburg a Physiology/AP Enviornmental Science teacher.

“You don’t have to go inside the booty hole you can actually just push on the seam and that stimulates the prostate gland. They apparently really like that,” states the Rehburg

“So that’s why, for male on male, anal sex is still very pleasurable because of the fact that it hits the prostate and there’s a lot of nerve endings in your booty, as well.

She continued, “The girls, the G-spot, the prostate, they’re the equivalent to each other.

“If you go to Target, seriously, if you go to Target and go where the tampons and pads are, they have they just look like a little box but if you open it up, there’s like a Velcro front to the box, you open it up and then ‘BAM’ sex toys.”

Also within the video a student shared that the same items can be discovered at any local CVS pharmacy. The teacher replied in saying, “Yes! CVS has them too. A lot of them. So that’s why when you look at the toys, a lot of them look like this,” said Rehburg as she made the sign of a hook with her finger.

On Twitter social media users commented on the video clip in disgust along with a series of questions surrounding the Rehburg teaching methods.

“So let me get this straight.. schools have the budget for discussing sex toys and other inappropriate conduct for children but do not have the budget to hire dietitians on staff to help kids understand how to eat healthy and build a strong relationship with food? Got it.. Lord please help us satan is running rampant! 😞 🙏,”’reads a tweet.

“ How is this informative to a high school student? And doesn’t the school need to send letters to the parents ahead of time informing them of these types of discussions & what they’ll include & get their permission (signature)? Somehow I highly doubt parents would appreciate their children being told about sodomy being pleasurable & booty holes & seams. This teacher not only needs to be fired from this job, but should never be allowed to teach anywhere else again,” reads another tweet.

A social media user on Twitter asked, “It’s a sex Ed class. I realize some of you get offended by it, but sex ed classes have been happening for decades now in highschool. What’s the actual issue?”

Cousins, what are your thoughts on this?

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