Jhene AIKO’S SUV Stolen From Valet As She Dined At Los Angeles Restaurant!

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Cousins! A car thief is currently on the loose and they’re apparently scouting out unoccupied vehicles within the parking lot areas of restaurants for their next hit as singer Jhene Aiko’s 2020 SUV was lifted right in front of her eyes this past weekend!

The incident took place Saturday evening around 8:30 PM as the mother of two entered the Los Angeles located restaurant’Tasty Noodle House,’ reports TMZ. She is said to have passed the keys to her all white Range Rover to one of the valet guys as she went inside of the establishment.

It has been indicated that just thirty minutes into her dinning experience Jhene peeped her vehicle moving with someone driving in it. Naturally she thought one of the valet guys were just moving it nothing more nothing less. However Jhene’s SUV was driven off of the restaurant’s premises and never returned.

At this time there has been no arrests made as officials continue to investigate. There’s been no signs as to who may gave stolen the SUV, however officials state there was a spare key inside which made things a lot easier to get away with.

Jhene has yet to address the tragic ordeal publicly or at least on social media as she’s been spending this weekend celebrating her boyfriend and son’s father Big Sean’s birthday.

“ Happy Birthday Sean Don!! 😍 we love you!! we appreciate you!! ❤️ thank you for my twin 🥰 you’re doing a great job! ☺️ Happy New Year and cheers to 35 😘🥂#325 #88,” read Jhene’s post on Instagram.

📸: Jhene’s Instagram

The two welcomed a baby together back in November it was 2022 named Noah.

Cousins be sure to stick with us for further updates on Jhene’s stolen vehicle.

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