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Tennesse Man Arrested And Charged After Sexually Assaulting A Woman In A Park As She Fed Her 1 Year Old!

Cousins! A Tennessee man has been arrested following reports that he raped a woman in her car as she attempted to feed her infant child!

According Newsweek, the incident occurred on Thursday afternoon May 25th at Shelby Bottoms Nature Center public park located in Nashville. Officials report upon mutual agreement 24 year old Ryean L. Floyd is said to have met up with the woman who’s name has not been disclosed and her child. It has been stated that the two personally knew each other but haven’t spoken to one another in quite some time.

Towards the end of the park based meet up, the victim made her way to her vehicle as she expressed it was beginning to get late. The woman is said to have placed her child within the backseat of her car and decided to try and feed them before leaving the park.

It has been stated that Ryean entered the backseat area of the car and began to sexually assault the woman in front of her child by lifting her skirt up and “forcibly” raping her for approximately five minutes.

The Metro Nashville Police Department state that an audio has been forwarded for evidence where the woman can be heard crying and repeatedly pleading for Ryean to stop as her baby continuously cried.

The victim was taken to Saint Thomas Hospital where she was treated for multiple injuries following the tragic incident.

Ryean was arrested the following day and charged with aggravated rape, aggravated kidnapping charges, Class A and Class B felonies. It has been stated that both felonies allow a maximum combined sentencing of 90 years in prison. He is currently being held on a $65,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in court later this month on June 12th.

We send prayers to the victim as well as her family.

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