G Herbo Launches Mental Health Nonprofit Organization, “Swervin Through Stress”

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Cousins! Chicago native G-Herbo is using his voice to amplify the value of mental health awareness within the Black community through the launch of his nonprofit organization named “Swervin Through Stress’

In efforts of shifting the narrative surrounding conversations pertaining to mental health, “Swerving Through Stress” main purpose is to provide education and resources to African American men as they tackle mental illness. “Our community doesn’t talk about mental health enough,” said G-Herbo in a recent interview with Billboard.

“With Swervin’ Through Stress, I really wanted to create a space where it’s OK for us to talk about what we’re going through. A lot of us can relate to each other’s struggles.”

G-Herbo has notably devoted a large portion of his career in being transparent about his struggles with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) ; whether it’s through interviews, speaking engagements, local events or his music. The father of three explains that experiencing gun violence within the inner-city, losing friends, going to jail at a young age and dealing with the law were problems he didn’t originally want to speak on because much like many other people he became immune to it.

“To be honest, I wasn’t familiar with going to share my problems with somebody so I already didn’t think it was something that I would want to do,” G Herbo previously said in an interview to HipHopDX.

“That was probably my first introduction to me embracing my PTSD, but we’re so immune to a lot of this stuff that go on in the inner city with like violence, going to jail and all that kind of s**t.”

Over the weekend the nonprofit organization kick-started their very first activity day. The Black Joy Ride Event took place on Saturday May 20th as attendees were able to bike ride through the city of Chicago, indulge in a yoga session and enjoy wellness brand pop-ups.

On Sunday “Swervin Through Stress”in partnership with Free Root Operations Bloom, a program to help women affected by gun violence; hosted an additional event. Women gained direct access to a local spa where they were able to participate within a breathwork workshop, along with a variation of other wellness activities.

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