Family Of Clark Atlanta Student Alexis Crawford Requests For Judge To Deny Bond For Murder Suspect!

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Cousins! It has been nearly three years since the senseless murder of Clark Atlanta University student Alexis Crawford at the hands of her former roommate and boyfriend. As her family attempts to heal from the traumatic loss of their loved one they’ve been forced to speak out against recent reports that one of the suspected killers is seeking bail!

As we previously reported the 21 year’s old body had been discovered within a DeKalb County located park near Columbia Drive on November 8th, 2019 just a week after her family reported her missing. Court documents confirmed that Alexis had been in a fight with her former roommate Jordyn Jones in their off campus apartment on McDaniel Street South west on Halloween night.

It has been stated that Jordyn’s boyfriend Barron Brantley also got involved in the fight as well and choked Alexis.

Jordyn Jones (Right ) Barron Brantley ( Left )

Jordyn is said to have then smothered Alexis with a Black trash bag until she ultimatley stopped breathing. Together the couple placed Alexis body in a plastic bin and left her within a wooded area in a park.

Recent updates confirm that Barron alongside his legal team are scheduled to appear before a Fulton County judge this month to discuss a bond hearing reports Fox 5 Atlanta News.

In response to the newly issued update Alexis mother Tammy Crawford has issued a statement detailing that granting Barron bond would be a, “slap in the face,’ to both her family and “essentially spit on Alexis’ grave.”

“When I learned that Barron was seeking a bond again, I knew we had to speak up and out because the monsters that murdered Alexis should not ever get out of jail – under any circumstances,’ reads Tammy’s statement. “I cannot imagine a judge finding it just or safe to grant Barron the freedom to walk around and be with his family while Alexis lies in a lonely grave.”

Both Jordyn and Barron have pleaded not guilty to murder charges, aggravated assault, false imprisonment, and concealing a death.

Neither Jordyn or Barron have been sentenced yet, due to the pandemic trial has been put on halt for the last few years.

Alexis Crawford murder case updates as per 11 Alive News

  • Jordyn Jones and Barron Brantley want separate trials: Attorneys for both Jones and Brantley filed motions to sever the case, meaning there would be two different trials for the same crime. The judge did not rule on that motion today.
  • The prosecution wants to use videotaped confessions from the pair: According to investigators, both Jones and Brantley have admitted under questioning at least parts of their roles in the crime. Prosecutors say they gave conflicting stories that point the finger at each other. Defense attorneys have filed motions for a so-called Jackson-Denno hearing – which would determine if their statements to police can be used against them or not. The judge has not ruled on whether they will be granted that hearing.
  • The hearing was paused at midday: Attorneys for both sides said police interviews were too long to get through in just one sitting. They have not yet set a date for when court will reconvene and the judge can watch those interviews. (This is also why the judge can’t yet rule on the motions for a Jackson-Denno hearing, because the statements haven’t been reviewed in court.)
  • Jones’ family was at the hearing: They were also visibly shaken, with her mom covering her ears with her hands and at one point a deputy brought her box of tissues. They declined to comment after the hearing.
  • The proceeding judge ruled against allowing cameras because evidence was being discussed that may not be allowed into the actual trial and because the defendants were wearing jail clothes, which could potentially taint the opinions of future jurors

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