Horrific Details Revealed Of Clark Atlanta Murdered Student Alexis Crawford!

#Cousins as we all continue to mourn the tragic murder of Clark Atlanta University senior #AlexisCrawford ; bone chilling details have recently been forwarded of her final moments!

#ABCNews reports that official court documents have pinpointed in detail what transpired the night of Crawford’s death. Sources have confirmed that Crawford was strangled to death on Oct. 31 , then placed in a plastic bin within in a park Decatur city.


It has recently been revealed that Crawford and her roommate Jordyn Jones, had a physical altercation that night. Reports read that Jones boyfriend Barron Brantley, 21 stepped in between their fight and choked Crawford to death.


This incident took place days after Crawford filed a complaint upon Jones boyfriend for unwanted touching and kissing. Jones initially told officers that her and Crawford weren’t on speaking terms and that she didn’t know where she had disappeared to.

Both Jones and Brantley are being held at Fulton County Jail with no bail. They’re being charged with murder.

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