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One Of Three Stampede Concert Victim’s Families Plan To Sue GloRilla, Finesse2Tymes, Promoters And Venue Space!

Cousins! Following a Rochester, New York concert earlier this month featuring GloRilla and Finesse2Tymes where a stampede broke out and claimed the lives of three women; a family has come forward in seeking legal action!

As we previously reported a stampede occurred at the end of the concert as attendees rushed the exit doors upon hearing believed gunshots. However a police investigation later concluded that there was no actual evidence of gunfire.

The family of one of three deceased victims; Brandy Miller, 35 says that her death was “preventable”. and that they plan to sue GloRilla, 2Tymes and the promoters of the concert along with the Main Street Armory venue space.

In conversation with TMZ, Brandy’s sister Michelle says that her family has already spoken to a variation of lawyers following her death on March 6th and that that they have plans to hire someone extremely high profile to represent them.

Brandy’s family says that her brother had also been in attendance on the night of the concert and was able to view the series of events from a different angle. As per BET News, he stated that the concert was unorganized from the very beginning.

Sadly, Brandy was pronounced dead on in just 24 hours as she succumbed to the injuries endured from the concert’s stampede.

Left to Right: Rhondesia Belton, Brandy Miller, Aisha Stephens 📸: Spectrum News

33 year old Rhodesia Belton of Buffalo, New York has also passed away. Aisha Stephens of Syracuse had been hospitalized since the night of the show and remained under care halfway through the week, but the 35 year old tragically passed away due to her injuries on Wednesday evening.

Our prayers remain with the victims and their families. Cousins, please stick with us for further updates.

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