Summer Walker Alleged Recording Contract Surfaces; Forwards Claims Of A $85K Advance, 15% Royalty Rate And Gave Up Her Masters!


Summer Walker has been trending for the last 24-48 hours on both social media and the music charts following the release of her latest album. Though fans are enjoying singing their hearts out in relation to her soulful melodies; rumors are heavy in circulation that the singer has been dealt a back handed music deal that has her Still Over It !

Details of her agreement with record label and management company Love Renaissance (LVRN) and Interscope have been released, reports Rolling Stone.

Sources have confirmed that an initial draft for the contract was signed back in November 2017 noting that would have to hand over any earnings not related to music for example : acting.

The proposed contract allegedly includes an $85,000 that was originally $115,000 within a previous draft. It has been stated that the advancement would increase for each album created. A 15% royalty rate of 15% has also been set in place according to issued claims. The advance and royalty rate are said to be below the industry’s average.

She also surrendered rights to her masters. Under another draft, Summer Walker would receive more benefits if she let LVRN manage her, despite the conflict of interest that would create considering LVRN also serves as the label.

Tech and entertainment attorney Peter Scoolidge describes the draft as being unfair. “They’re getting a lot without having to give her much.”

He continues by saying Summer, “is locked into a low royalty structure for what appears to be a somewhat indeterminate amount of time.”

“She’s also locked into giving [the label] a substantial percentage of any other money she makes from product endorsements, acting, etc. — sources that are not music sales. On the other hand, as is typical in these deals, the record label isn’t really obligated to invest a ton of money into her career, brand image, or music.”

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