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Karreuche Tran Reveals That Her Father Has Passed Away; “Rest In Paradise Dad”

Cousins! Please join us in sending our deepest condolences to Karreuche Tran as she reveals that her father has passed away! 🙏🏿🌹

The 34 year old took to social media Monday morning within a shared post to her Instagram story that read, “The past seven says have been tough…receiving the call I always feared” she writes via her Instagram story.

She continued, “Making decisions I wasn’t prepared for… being at Sundance which is something I prayed for…trying to celebrate my accomplishments while in pain… feeling so many emotions all at once and at the same time feeling numb”.

Following a series of images alongside her father Karreuche wrote, “Rest in paradise dad.”

Fans on social media users poured in with their condolences while reflecting on the pain of losing a parent. “Losing a parent is a very different type of pain and loss. I pray for her and everyone else who’s lost a parent! Pushing through that is a different type of strength,” wrote a user.

Cousins, please join us in keeping Karreuche as well as her family uplifted in prayer!

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