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Showtime Cancels “The First Lady” Series After Only 1 Season!

-Kacee Biggs-


Viola Davis’ latest show is officially over. After jokes and harsh criticism from fans and critics, Showtime has decided to cancel it’s series ‘The First Lady,’ after just one season!

The series offered an in-depth look at former first ladies of the United States. Led by Viola as Michelle Obama, Michelle Pfeiffer as Betty Ford, and Gillian Anderson as Eleanor Roosevelt. Viola also served as executive producer on the series.

According to Deadline, Showtime confirmed news of the cancellation and released the following statement:

“Showtime can confirm that the anthology series ‘The First Lady’ will not be continued for another season. We’d like to applaud the artistry and dedication of our showrunner Cathy Schulman, director Susanne Bier, their fellow executive producers, our amazing cast – led by executive producer Viola Davis, Michelle Pfeiffer and Gillian Anderson – and our studio partner Lionsgate for their dedicated work in telling the unique stories of three remarkable leaders.”

The first episode of the series premiered on April 17, and it instantly had the internet buzzing, particularly due to Davis’ performance in the episode.

Part of the complaints were because of the Oscar-winning actress’ habit of perking her lips repeatedly. Although Michelle was known to affect the expression from time to time, some viewers thought Davis went overboard with the tic, which made the first lady appear comical.

Back in April, Viola publicly addressed criticism she received for her performance as Michelle Obama, which many felt was out of pocket.

At the time, she said: “Critics have absolutely no purpose. And I don’t mean that in a bad way. They always feel like they are telling you something you don’t know. Somehow you live a life where you are surrounded by people who lie to you and “I will be the person who leans in and tells you the truth”. So it gives them the opportunity to be cruel to you.”

Cousins, did you get a chance to tune into the series? Does it deserve a second season? Let us know what you’re thinking

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