Gramble State University Homecoming Leaves One Person Dead And Multiple Injured!

-Kierra Wilson- 


While celebrating this year’s long awaited homecoming, a tragic shooting took place that has left students and attendees completely shaken!

The incident occurred at 1:30 am on Sunday as shots were fired, leading to the Louisiana Police being called.

Essence confirms that eight people were assaulted, leaving one person dead and seven others injured. On Grambling’s state website, a note was left in response to the tragic event.

“ GramFam, now the is the time to be Unapologetically Unified as we rally to comfort one another after this morning’s incident. The campus has been cleared for normal operations, however, homecoming events scheduled for 10/17 have been canceled along w/classes on 10/18”

Offering wellness checks, counseling, and informing students classes were being cancelled on the 18th and 19th. The school’s president reserved October 17-23 as a time for fastings, including prayers as well.

A virtual zoom call is being held daily; as a way for those affected to come together and heal.

Our prayers remain with the victims and their families!

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