Did She or Didn’t She? Fans Assume Saweetie Addresses Lil Baby Taking Her On a 100K Shopping Spree!

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-Avier Wanjou-Brass


USC graduate turned rapper, Saweetie is taking shots at another fellow rapper! Or is she?!? 

During Rolling Loud, California rapper Saweetie was center stage as she performed some of her catchy hits. The “My Type” rapper even showcased a new song and apparently, some think she’s taking shots at rapper Lil Baby

According to Hot 97, she performed an unreleased song titled ‘Don’t Say Nothin’.’ And fans believe it is about the “infamous $100K shopping spree that Lil Baby allegedly took her own.”

Saweetie raps, “n*ggas always speaking on who I’m f*cking on/He must have got excited when I FaceTimed him with nothing on/Same h*es that’s talking be the same ones I nutted on/100k? You know much paper I be touching on?/That’s light, baby check my net worth.”

She continues, “He got mad and told my business to the blogs? N*gga pause, I’m appalled, N*gga chill out/Yeah I pull up and I bust and I peel out/Said he was a boss, but he talking like a groupie/I knew he wasn’t ready for this pretty b*tch coochie.”

Last year, Saweetie and Lil Baby made headlines when the pair reportedly were spotted together. Allegedly the “Drip Too Hard” rapper spent 100K on Saweetie. And it left social media in a frenzy! 

Cousins, do you guys think Saweetie was taking shots at Lil Baby? Or are they just assumptions? Drop below. 

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