New Jersey Landlord Cancels Rent For 3 Months Due To Coronavirus Pandemic!


A #NewJersey landlord has recently forwarded the ultimate gesture of kindness and compassion to his residents within officially announcing a three month rent waiver amid the #Coronavirus pandemic!

David Placek, 39 originally forwarded emails to all 12 of his tenants on March 18th within #Montclair , New Jersey offering a free went waiver for the months of April and May reports the New York Post.

“It provides a little bit of good news to people in a world where there’s no good news, and I think that’s meaningful,” Placek tells local news. “ The idea was just, let’s relieve some stress.”

The email reads: “We hope to reduce your stress and anxiety by waiving all rent due for months of April and May. To be clear, you do not need to remit rent for these two months.”

Sources have confirmed that it wasn’t long before Placek and his wife Bridget issued an additional email within extending the previous offer through the month of June after noticing the economy is still moving at stagnant pace. He goes on to state, “We should all do our part, and it’s something we can do.”

Reports read that nearly half of New York residents have been laid off due to the Coronavirus widespread, ultimately searching for answers to their financial crisis.

Amazing job David Placek! We thank you!

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