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Sean Kingston Says Drake Uses Real Life Conversations From Women For Song Lyrics!


It’s no secret that when it comes down to having a way with words that lead straight to the woman’s heart Drake is king. Not to mention whenever a single, mixtape, album or even a feature of his drops the lyrics circulate throughout social media as caption material like hot cakes!

In a conversation with Hip Hop Wired fellow artist Sean Kingston reveals that the secret to Drake’s pen game is actual conversations he has with women while in the studio.

“That’s why Drake is Drake because when he’s having conversations, the conversations he’s having, he’s putting them in songs,” says Sean. “That’s why they can be Instagram captions. Yo, I’ve never seen nothing like it. The dude will be in the studio with girls… the dude is a G.O.A.T.”

He continues, “I only got a chance to see him work one time. I did a song with Lil Wayne called ‘I’m at War.’ I’m at Hit Factory and YMCMB had the whole Hit Factory shut down. So Drake was in the room, you know, he’s got girls around him and the guy is basically having conversations with girls and he’s just going back to the booth and doing his thing.”

“And I’m like, ‘Yo, this n-gga’s a genius,’ because he’s saying shit that n-ggas are scared to say and he’s winning with it,” he said. “Because n-ggas feel like, ‘Oh, that’s probably too soft.’ But the girls are like, ‘Oh my god, he touched-melted my heart with that shit.’

He says that what other rappers are afraid to say out of fear of looking sensitive Drake utilizes to his advantage.

That’s what works, you know what I’m saying? So everything we say in conversations in one day are hits after hits after hits that we’re talking about, but we don’t even know it.”

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