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Porsha Williams And Fiancé Simon Guobadia Set A Date For Their Upcoming Wedding!

-Angelot Ndongmo-


Kalang-Kalang! 💒 🔔 Wedding bells will soon be heard Cousins! “The Pursuit of Porsha” Princess, Porsha Williams, has finally set a date to become the Queen! Queen Guobadia that is. She “gettin’ married to her Nigerian Prince y’all” and BET reports that she set an official date!

Williams told the media at the People’s Choice Awards.

 “I did not have a date, and everything kind of blew up online. My grandmother, of all people, got word. She was like, ‘That man wants to marry you, what are you going to do?’ She, my mom, and my Aunt Darlene sat me down like an intervention, and they literally gave me a date. So we now have a date, summoned by my family.”

The special date is still under lock and key to the public. The former Real Housewife of Atlanta is slaying with her new show “Porsha’s Family Matters.” It is drama-filled and fans get to learn about all things Porsha, including the interpersonal clashes with her blood related and extended family.

She added “We have a good time on the show, but it’s all my family. Just imagine the most hectic Thanksgiving ever that never ends. There’s no one’s opinion I care about more than my family. Good, better, indifferent, I like the fact that they’re keeping it real. We are trying to get to a great place. We are all blending right now. Sometimes it’s not easy.”

Porsha is an entrepreneur at heart and is also currently doing signings for her newly released book “The Pursuit Of Porsha”! 

Her ex Dennis McKinley is doing his best to be supportive and co-parent responsibly on the show. Williams and Guobadia are turning over a new leaf and have their eyes set on their SECRET upcoming nuptials!

Cousins! Are you feeling like Porsha’s new relationship was a huge faux pas or do you now understand her position a lot better? Share your thoughts below!

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