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Cardi B Shares That New Line Signature Dolls Will Not Be Sold Due To Production Delays And Possibility Of Poor Quality!



Bad news Bardi Gang , if you were one of the many people interested in owning your very own signature Cardi B doll that WILL NOT be happening this go round!

According to TMZ, the doll inspired by the Bronx, NY native will not be released due to production delays and concerns directed towards its overall quality.

As we previously reported earlier this year, Cardi teamed up with the fashion doll brand of “Real Woman Are” to produce her very own doll.

The brand began to take pre-orders back in March of this year for $35 a pop but it appears that shipping deadlines were missed which caused folks to call the brand out as a scammers.

After Real Women Are’s Instagram began to become over flooded with comments and complaints from customers, a rep from Cardi’s camp shared with TMZ that the dolls will not be released following COVID-related manufacturing concerns and issues with shipping.

A spokeswoman for Cardi says that she has has requested for the company to refund all pre-sale purchases and the RWA brand has agreed. The outlet says she’s also encouraged fans to also request a refund for their $35 if they haven’t already.

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