#UPDATE : New Evidence Shows Jussie Smollet Did NOT Pay Brothers $3,500 For Attack!

As the days go on more and more of the truth is revealed within the Jussie Smollett Attack, But you know what they say, it ain’t over until the fat lady sings! New information has been forwarded that could possibly change the narrative to things.

Earlier this week the Chicago Police Department confirmed the two former suspects Ola and Abel Osundario were paid a total of $3,500 from Smollet to stage the attack on Jan 29th. Sources have indicated that’s far from true; Smollet actually paid the brother for a 5 week physical training to get in shape for an upcoming project. The brothers agreed and created a nutrition plan for Smollet. According to #TMZ Smollet stated he would pay the brothers for their services but never indicated a specific amount. 

A few days before the attack, sources state Smollet made a check out to the brother for $3,500 with the memo line reading : “5 weeks training.” The Osundario brothers contested To a grand jury that they were paid for a training not the attack. The brothers stated that the amount paid was extremely high for training and not apart of the scheme but never dwelt on it because no fee was ever specified. 

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