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Mother Says A Kansas City Complex Treated Her To An Unwanted Midnight Move Emptying Her Entire Townhouse Of Over $32,000 Valuables!

-Angelot Ndongmo-

A quick pit stop at her Kansas city townhouse to get winter coats for the kids, turned into a living nightmare for a hard working mother of two!

Myrohn Guthrie says she entered to discover her home completely bare, as no amount of clicking ruby red shoes would change her circumstances. She was indeed home; but within an empty shell.

Guthrie was shaken, telling the Fox4 “I went in there and it was nothing, like it was absolutely nothing. At first, I don’t know what I thought. I still ran upstairs to look, to see if my stuff was up there.”

Everything including irreplaceable items, birth certificates and social security cards had vanished.

Her gut pointed towards her property management, because she’d been looking at them side eyed while living there. She added “…I did not call the police because there was no forced entry into my home. I already felt like my apartment complex was shady, I just knew it was them.”

The grief stricken mother had only been gone for three days prior. She was out working hard, while her kids stayed safe and sound with their grandma. Guthrie confronted management but was given a dose of disrespect, describing the encounter as “super mean” and “super dismissive”.

She explained to the media that the leasing office felt police should handle it but Myrohn refused to back down, in full Mama Bear mode. Staff acknowledged their single digit error. They cleared apt# 1331 (hers), instead of apt# 1341.

The full-time working mom provided a list of her belongings as requested by management, totaling $32,000. Staff continuously treated her with disregard, so she moved up out of there asap, hired a lawyer to mediate and launched a gofundme to get help with trying to replace basic things for her and her young ones.

Cousins, this is shocking! What would you have done coming home to an emptied crib? Comment below.

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