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Soulja Boy Calls Out Ye, Following Drink Champs Interview!

-Brittany Hennis-


I guess it is safe to say that no one will upset Soulja Boy moving forward!

Soulja took to social media over the weekend to express his frustration after the Drink Champs interview featuring Kanye West aka “YE” was released.

As per Revolt, Soulja Boy is seen in a clip on social media saying, “B**** A*** N*** don’t get on no public platform and say different from what the fuck you told me to my face. Tell me to my face that shit was trash, bitch ass, fucking scab head a** boy. Who cut yo hair? Yo shit fucked up n****!”

During the video clip, he then proceeded to expose a text message conversation between himself and Kanye regarding the verse for the “She Make It Clap” single on the Donda album.

Soulja Boy can then be seen in the clip continuing his rant toward his verse being taken off the single, “You not finna baby me nigga with some muthafuckin Soulja Boy is the future, SHUT THE F** UP N***. You said my verse wasn’t hard n***? Who the f*** is you think you talkin? Everything that come out my muthaf**** mouth is hard n***. What the f*** is you talkin bout Kanye West?

During the Drink Champs interview, when asked about Soulja Boy’s verse, Ye said, “You ain’t hear that verse?” N.O.R.E Drink Champs host responded, “No. The verse wasn’t good?” Ye replies, “Nah”.

He then gives Soulja his flowers by saying, “Soulja Boy is top five most influential, and I’m not going to argue with you n**** about this at all. I tell you what, though, Soulja Boy is the future. Future is the future. There’s a couple of people.”

One and two things you must love about Ye is, he is going to be brutally honest & give you a great and informative interview.

Cousins, did you watch the two hour long Drink Champs interview?

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