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Michigan Nurse’s Side Hustle of Stealing & Selling Vaccine Passports At $150-$200 A Pop, Gets Busted!

-Angelot Ndongmo-


As the government tightens restrictions on those choosing not to get vaccinated, it seems to have indirectly created a desperation within some unvaccinated individuals; to skirt the system by any means necessary and tempted some individuals to exploit that desperation!

Now we are all in favor of side hustles, but nurse Bethann Kierczak crossed the line when she ventured into private retail operations of her own; to sell illegal vaccination cards at hyperinflated prices.

In the words of Diamond from the movie ‘The Player’s Club’, “all money ain’t good money” and now the Detroit nurse is being held accountable for how she chose to make hers.

According to the Washington Post , she sold authentic cards across the city and would even provide buyers with vaccination lot numbers, so cards would appear as though they were obtained legally. She was not ‘shy with it’ and even communicated across Facebook messenger with her eager clientele.

Nurse Kierczak is not alone. In fact, there have been a variety of unauthorized vendors stepping up to the plate to take a swing at making it rain in this side hustle. Washington Post confirms “federal authorities have charged a bar owner, a pharmacist and state troopers, among others, with selling the immunization records now required to enter some restaurants, schools and public spaces.”

There is a concern from officials, that illegal sales of these cards will undermine the efforts to shield the population against coronavirus. Time will tell if the government will be able to successfully crack down on the sales of these bogus vaccination cards.

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