Ludacris Debuts New Animated Series Honoring Black Girl Magic On Netflix Inspired By His Daughter Titled, ‘Karma’s World’

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Ludacris, also known as Christopher Brian Bridges, is back with another anticipated hit, only this time, it will be climbing the Netflix charts following its official release TODAY of the animated series,” ‘Karma’s World’!

In a recent interview with Black Print, Ludacris spoke about his new hit ‘Karma’s World’, inspired by his eldest daughter who he collaborated with.

It was a huge undertaking and according to Ludacris, this project took 14 years to bring to fruition. When his oldest daughter first came to him as a child and said she wanted to be a rapper, he responded that to be a rapper she would have to tell her life story or share the things she faced in life.

They drew inspiration from various sources, including directly from her real life experiences. Ludacris shared that Karma, his daughter, went through real life hair insecurities. He recalls his daughter also sharing how she was teased about her name. Those topics are just a sampling of some of the art-imitating-life moments that are highlighted during some of the episodes we will see. The songs in the show were a labor of love and he reworked them as much as he needed to until he felt they were ready to be included.

The rapper and his daughter helped shape and contribute to each episode in the series, so they could ensure the show was genuine and relatable. The animation centers around music, community & family. The father in him was wise enough to know that if his daughter had a challenge, there were likely many others who were going through the same things.

Casting can make or break a TV series as they hit it out of the park as the series cast Ludacris himself, Tiffany Haddish, a wonderful voice actress named Asiahn Bryant, Dawn Lewis, Danielle Brooks and more! The cast is full of talented professionals that Ludacris respected and always wanted to work with.

The Grammy award winner beamed when mentioning his 4 daughters. He was full of pride and loved that they had previewed the series prior to the rest of the world. They gave their stamp of approval. He values his daughters’ opinions and will continue to use them as a sounding board to gauge how well he is doing on the project. He loves the discussions that ensue after watching an episode, and the dancing they do during and after watching Karma’s World.

This proud dad admits that fatherhood has changed him for the better. In his opinion, street cred is being true to who you are and he wears his career titles and his ‘Dad’ title with pride. The positive messages of cultural pride, as well as the importance of celebrating diversity throughout the cast were at the forefront of his mind when putting this together.

According to Simply Buckhead, Ludacris first rose to fame locally as a popular radio DJ in the 90’s known as DJ Lova Lova on Atlanta’s Hot 97.5, before making the transition into a rap star. His personality and charm made him an instant favorite in the rap game. Though he was required to do community service while working at the radio station, when he became a superstar, he made sure to continue his charitable contributions through his Ludacris Foundation.

Ludacris dropped gems and shared how he believes in self care and drives around town alone, enjoying the outdoors and the breeze on his face to clear his mind.

He also made sure to encourage everyone to never give up no matter how long it takes.

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