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Black Woman Poses As KKK Member, Accused of Leaving Threatening Notes for Neighbors!

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A Georgia woman has been arrested for allegedly posing as a KKK member and leaving threatening notes for neighbors at their homes!

Just when we thought the world could not get any weirder, it proved us wrong. Terresha Lucas, 30, of Douglasville, Georgia, is accused of posing as a KKK member and leaving racially charged messages in her neighbor’s mailboxes, threatening to burn down their homes and kill them, according to the New York Post.

Lucas was charged with eight counts of making terroristic threats after leaving violent, hateful notes and claiming to be a white member of the hate group with a long red beard who did not live in the neighborhood. 

In December of last year, two homes on the same street in the Brookmont subdivision collected notes in their mailboxes that were racially motivated. A concerned father who collected the notes told local news, “The letter is using the N-word, talking about the KKK, hanging people, killing kids, killing whole families, and setting houses on fire.”

In a confirmed statement, DPD detective Nathan Shumaker says, “The notes threatened to burn their houses down and kill them and said that they didn’t belong in the neighborhood.”

On different dates, similar notes were left in the middle of the night, causing at least seven black residents to report receiving the messages.

Detectives went door to door, walking around the neighborhood, handing out flyers, and even checking doorbells and security cameras seeking information.The detectives had no luck in receiving any leads.

After a six-month hiatus, the final note was received on Sep. 6. There was finally a break in the case when the detectives linked the notes to Lucas’s house. The police were able to obtain a warrant, and searched her home finding evidence tying the suspect to the incidents. Whew, this is too much. 

 Lucas is expected to turn herself in. We want to know why she did it and her purpose because this is not making sense to us.

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