Chris Brown And Team Reportedly Laid Hands On Usher Following Las Vegas Skate Party!

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Cousins! Word on the street is things got pretty wild and out of hand following a Las Vegas skate party hosted by Usher on behalf of Chris Brown’s birthday!

According to reports from Hollywood Unlocked , celebrities from all over came together to help Chris celebrate turning 34 years old on Friday at Skate Rock City in Las Vegas. It has been stated that the party was a surprise and that Usher put the entire event together.

Video clips are beginning to circulate throughout social media that show the party had started out smoothly with everyone enjoying themselves and having a good time. However a few hours later iz when things began to escalate. The outlet shares thst Chris Brown allegedly got “disrespectful” with songstress Teyana Taylor for an “unknown reason.” A source tells the outlet that Chris was obviously “intoxicated” as he approached the mother of two.

As per H.U, a couple of guests as well as Usher attempted to deescalate the issue in efforts of getting Chris and everyone else to calm down. Unfortunately ,it has been stated that Chris in the middle of the altercation allegedly called Usher a “coward” and exited the venue. The drama apparently didn’t stop there as Chris made his way towards his tour bus and Usher followed behind him. It has been stated that things had gotten physical as Chris alongside his crew allegedly jumped Usher.

The eyewitness says that the alltercation was so gruesome that Usher had allegedly been left with a a “bloodied nose.”

As of right now neither Chris, Usher or Teyana have publicly denied or confirmed any claims about the night in question.

Cousins please stick with us for further updates!

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