Texas High School Student Opens Fire On Campus After Reportedly Being A Victim Of Bullying!

-Kierra wilson-


It’s has been a couple of days since the horrible shooting incident that took place at Texas high school!

According to CNN, the tragic series of events started to unravel Wednesday morning around 9:15am, where the Arlington police department responded to shots fired.

Sources have confirmed that at least four people were injured, now with one being in critical condition. “The shooting was not a random act of violence” stated assistant chief Keith Kolbye.

The shooter has been identified as Timothy Simpkins’, it has been indicated that his decision to bring a gun to school was due to him being bullied prior to the shooting. His family states that he had been robbed twice at school.

According to Fox News, A 15-year-old boy was shot a 25-year-old teacher was also shot and is in good condition. A teenage girl has been treated and released from local hospital after being grazed by a bullet. A pregnant teacher was injured due to a fall and was treated at the scene.

After eventually turning himself in not long after the incident, on October 8th, Timothy was released on a $75,000 bond. He faces three charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. The family has since spoken out asking for forgiveness.

“The decision he made, taking the gun, we are not justifying that. That was not right. But he was trying to protect himself,” says Carol Harrison Lafayette. “To the victims’ family, there is no justification of anybody being hurt. We hope the police department does the investigation properly.”

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