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Tamron Hall Producer Quits Amid Rumors Of ‘Toxic’ Work Environment!

-Avier Wanjou Brass-


It looks like things do not appear to be all good over at the Tamron Hall’s Show after thr producer who has previously worked on ‘The View’ calls it quits claiming a toxic work environment!

According to the New York Post, executive producer Candi Carter has left her job amid rumors that Tamron Hall has created a toxic work environment. Also, network insiders told the Daily Mail, “The environment that Tamron has created on her show is toxic. It is literally bleeding staff.” 

Then allegedly, insiders said that Carter and Hall clashed based on opinions. “Tamron didn’t like that Candi tried to steer the ship and had ideas that clashed with hers, because Tamron believes the only opinion that matters is her opinion.”

“Also, the insiders infer that with Hall, it is either her way or no way at all. “When you work with Tamron, it’s her way or the highway. Candi’s now on that highway to a much better job away from the cattiness that is destroying Tamron’s show.”

Fast forward, the insiders at the show tell the post that Carter will be replaced by Emmy-winning, “Good Morning America” weekend producer Quiana Burns. There, Burns will serve as the interim executive producer, while Carter “will be returning to ABC Entertainment to focus on her first look development deal.”

This plan would not be the first time Hall and Burns have crossed paths. They previously both worked at MSNBC and have a long professional relationship with one another.

This story is very juicy and unbelievable. We look forward to hearing more about this sticky situation.

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