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Beyoncé Set To Provide Financial Assistance To Texas Residents Affected By Storm!


Following the extreme and hazardous storms within Texas , Beyoncé’s foundation of BeyGOOD is currently offering to provide financial assistance to those affected!

The Texas native will be working in partnership with Adidas and Houston disaster relief organization Bread of Life to provide grants up to $1,000 for those in need reports Variety.

“Vist @BreadofLifeH for more information on assistance. We send our prayers to those impacted by the winter storm,” read a tweet from BeyGOOD’s twitter account on Thursday.

Reports read that Texas residents as well as other states affected by storms are applicable using the Disaster Relief Assistance Application form. Bread of Life organization is also said to be accepting donations within initiative of providing assistance.

Though Texas residents are already experiencing exceedingly low temperatures and countless power outages reports read that freezing temperatures will last throughout the weekend.

It has been indicated that there is a shortage of food supply and water, leading to residents who have water in their homes to boil it before drinking.

Unfortunately a total of 38 people have died in results to the storming across the country.

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