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Update: Ronnie O’Neal III Found Guilty In Double Murder Case Of His Wife And Daughter!


An official verdict has been reached within the high profile double murder case of Ronnie O’NealIII in which they’ve found him guilty for the murder of his girlfriend and their 9 year old daughter.

According to Fox 13 News Ronnie has been found guilty of two counts of first-degree murder and attempted first-degree murder.

Reports read that he was also found guilty of arson, two counts of aggravated child abuse, and resisting an officer without violence.

Ronnie is currently facing the death penalty. Following the final verdict Judge Michelle Sico advised him to seek counsel for the next phase of what’s to come.

“As you are aware, it gets no more serious for any defendant in any criminal courtroom in this country than what you are facing now.”

“I’m really going to strongly encourage you to consider allowing counsel to now step in and represent you.”

Within Ronnie’s closing arguments he admitted to killing his 33 year old girlfriend Kenyatta Barrett but insisted that the police officials as well as lawyers have fabricated evidence.

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