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Claudia Jordan Dragged On Social Media For “Rest In Paradise DMX,” Post And Delete!


Claudia Jordan found herself in the middle of a full throttle roast feast on Tuesday night after posting, “ Rest In Paradise DMX,” tweet on Twitter in regards to his current condition!


The tweet rapidly circulated throughout social media within seconds as fans and supporters were not only shocked by the alleged news but also upset that Claudia acted insensitively on behalf of DMX’s family.

One social media user responded to Claudia’s tweet by saying, “ It has not been confirmed. Why post this BEFORE the family can confirm? This is just tacky!”

After receiving momentous backlash Claudia deleted the post and then tweeted, “I’m sorry 🙏💔”

She then responded to a social media user that believed she posted it in error by saying, I did. I deleted it. And apologized. I feel awful.


TMZ reports that DMX is still on life support at this time. Reports read that he’s scheduled for brain testing tomorrow. Let’s continue to send prayers and words of positivity to his family! ♥️🙏🏿

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