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Union City Police Officials Currently Searching For Man Responsible For The Murder Of His Pregnant Girlfriend And Mother Of 6!


Police officials within the Union City area are currently searching for a male responsible for the murder of his pregnant girlfriend and mother of six!

Joshua Fisher, 31 is currently being named as the lead suspect in the murder of Deanna Fuller reports 11alive .

Sources have confirmed that Deanna’s lifeless body was discovered in an apartment late Sunday night on May 16 near Highpoint Road. It has been indicated that she as well as her unborn child died at the hospital.

Officials believe that Joshua or his dad contacted the police before fleeing the apartment leaving Deanna to die on the floor as they reportedly went to attend a party.

Reports read that the arrest warrant is for murder, battery, damage to property and obstruction with 911 call.

Deanna’s five older children are currently within foster care pending her family’s petition to gain custody. Her infant is currently with relatives.

Officials have arrested Joshua’s father as his son remains at large.

Deanna’s sister Felisha Warr has come forward to provide details of the couple’s relationship.

“He was very controlling of her. She couldn’t have a social life, he didn’t trust her. I sat down with both of them and I talked to them, and she was happy. You know? She loved him. You know, love makes you do crazy things. Her kids was her life. And when she loves somebody—she loves ’em hard. And unfortunately, that’s what got her hurt. She was just an angel.”

Cousins, Union City Police are requesting anyone with information on where Joshua Fisher is to call 911. And if you see him do not approach him, again, call 911.

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