C-Murder Goes Back On Hunger Strike Protesting Unfair Treatment In Louisiana!

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Music mogul Master P‘s brother and fellow No Limit record label rapper C-Murder is currently on a hunger strike protesting against unfair treatment, claims of neglect for the terminally ill and the seal of 31 documents in connection to his trial!

C Murder also known as Corey Miller is currently serving a life sentence since 2009 for alleged involvement in a 2002 murder of 16 year old Steve Thomas.

According to Hip Hop DX a press release forwarded by Corey’s team on Wednesday August 4th he says that the existence of 31 concealed documents proving an illegal DNA cover-up exists and was not presented within his murder trail.

Corey says when his DNA was ran through the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) database, a match was found however he claims that the District Attorney directed that the genetic data be removed from the system and be marked as a forensic specialist as unknown.

He’s currently requesting a full investigation into the proposed claims. “The corruption that led to his current incarceration” while advocating for the press to file motion for the 31 documents to be forwarded his legal team.

It has been indicated that the courts are reportedly taking action against the release of those documents.

“Half my life has been stolen by the Louisiana Judicial System and it stops now!” says C-Murder.

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