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Bill Cosby Denied Parole For Not Participating In Treatment Program For Sex Offenders!


Despite the attempt to break out of the slammer early, Bill Cosby has officially been denied parole by the Pennsylvania Parol Board for failing to participate in a treatment program for sex offenders!

According to TMZ, the board has indicated that Cosby also failed to develop a parole release plan.

Reports read that Cosby has reached his his third strike against him after he got a negative recommendation from the Department of Corrections.

A representative for Cosby states that he’s not surprised by the denial because members of the board told him he would be denied for not participating in the sex offender program.

However it has been indicated that Cosby is hopeful the Pennsylvania State Supreme Court will issue him a new trial.

The comedian and actor was sentenced to 3 to 10 years in prison back in 2018 for aggravated indecent assault at his home back in 2004.

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