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Zendaya Provided All Crew Members Of The Netflix Movie ‘Malcom & Marie’ Shares Of The Film; Making $300,000 In Equity So Far!


During one of the most difficult financial years many people have ever experienced, beloved actress Zendaya created a financial structure of her own to assure that the crew of her film #MalcomAndMarie were able to not only capitalize as well but to also gain a bonus pay day!

According to Today , the crew used for the film also works with Zendaya on set of the hit HBO series Euphoria .

“It was such a close knit, familial kind of thing because these are my crew members from ‘Euphoria,'” said Zendaya in a interview.

The Black and white ‘Malcom and Marie’ film was created during the pandemic and stars Zendaya alongside actor John David Washington.

Sources have confirmed that in addition to her doing her own makeup and brining in her own wardrobe for the movie, both her and John had producer credits of the film therefore they were able to have input of the financial structure of the movie.

“We got to create this financial structure where all of our crew members also got points on it, so when it sold, they made money as well, so hopefully that will be a system that can continue,” stated Zendaya. “I think it’s important that we take care of our people.”

Points are considered stock within the movie and film world and allow people to own them. It has been indicated that points are usually only given to the main stars of a project as an extra payday. Seeing how one point is equivalent to 1% and ‘Malcom and Marie’ sold to Netflix for $30 million dollars the cast and crew who had points earned $3000,000 in profit.

“It just felt like the right thing to do,” Zendaya told Variety. “These are the people that are laying all the tracks and were with us through the whole thing — and literally putting their blood, sweat and tears into it.”

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