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‘My Wife and Kids’ Co-Star Parker McKenna Posey Reveals That She Has Welcomed A Baby Girl!


Congratulations are in order for child actor Parker McKenna Posey as she has recently announced that she has welcomed a baby girl into the world!

The former tiny star that once portrayed the little girl we all loved and adored of Kady Kyle on My Wife and Kids is now a grown adult and is mothering a princess of her own.

Parker announced the news Sunday on Mother’s Day within a social media post to Instagram along with a heartwarming vlog of her pregnancy.

Within the video Parker, 25 speaks on how her world had changed from the moment she knew she was pregnant and how her daughter Harley instantly became the most important part of her life.

The video is a message directed to her daughter in which she says, “I didn’t know what raising you in this crazy world would look like, but I was ready for the adventure.”

Parker’s boyfriend and father to Harley, is former Oregon football player Jayvaun ‘Jay Jay’ Wilson reports Yahoo News.

“Anytime I had doubts or uncertainties, feeling you growing inside reminded me God chose me to be your mommy,” Parker concluded within the Mother’s Day announcement.

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