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Tyrese Gibson Reveals That He’s The Of Voice Robopine On ‘The Masked Singer’ Series!


Tyrese Gibson shocked the world recently as he revealed on the popular musical series The Mask that the voice behind the character Robopine is actually not a 60 year old man from Costa Rica but actually him!

The singer and actor explained that he strategized an alias behind the character because he didn’t want fans to catch on easily.

“I was like, if you guys put too much stuff out there that’s actually tied into my life, people are going to figure it out.”

“So the 60-year-old thing and Costa Rica, grandchildren was my way of throwing people off. If you start giving clues and you think my fans and supporters ain’t going to know it’s me, you’re going to be sadly mistaken because they know everything.”

Tyrese goes on to say that his daughters Shayla, 13 and Soraya 2 were his inspiration to join the competition.

“She basically said to me, ‘I love this show, why don’t you do it, Dad? You would win,'” speaking of his eldest daughter.

“I think somewhere in my daughter’s mind, she knows that I’m at a place in my music career where I take music very, very seriously. I respect artists that go to the studio every day and perform every day. But I’m a little past that, I’m not chasing the charts and chasing relevancy, so I drop every five years.”

Tyrese continues, “The crazy thing is, I got the phone call that they wanted me to do the show and then I had to keep it a secret from her,” he said, adding that Shayla didn’t suspect her dad was under the Robopine outfit.

Judge Ken Jeong applaud Tyrese’s strategy on Wednesday night. “I think you played better than just about anybody on this show,”

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