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Social Media Users React To Raven Symone Referring To Nicki Minaj’s Music As ‘ Rachet And Abrasive’


RavenSymone seems to have rubbed a few people the wrong way following recent statements she made in regard to ratchet music in connection to Nicki Minaj!

Raven and her wife Miranda Pearman-Maday recently held a Q&A segment with fans where they answered random assumptions about them as a couple.

One social media user commented in question format’ “ you both scream Nicki Minaj lyrics randomly and jam out to her music.”

Raven replied, “ sadly no,” as they both shook their head. She continued by explaining that her and her wife are critical thinkers and that they don’t really listen to music while driving and that ratchet / abrasive music clusters their brain. However they’ll throw on some Elton John , Black or white noise if the mood is right.

Nicki Minaj’s fan base of the barbz were far from amused from Raven’s comments and made sure to speak on it via social media.

Cousins do you agree with Thats So Raven or nah? 🤔

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