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YG’s 2014 Single ‘Meet The Flockers’ Returns To Spotify And Apple Music After Being Removed For Anti-Asian Lyrics!


The digital streaming services of Apple Music, the iTunes Store, YouTube and Spotify have officially returned Hip Hop artist YG’s 2014 album My Kraft Life to their catalogue after removing it for anti-Asian lyrics discovered within his single ‘Meet the Flockers’

According to Rolling Stone, the new version of the My Krazy Life album has been forwarded with an edited version of ‘ Meet the Flockers’.

The song’s original version included lyrics, (“First: You find a house and scope it out/Find a Chinese neighborhood/‘Cause they don’t believe in bank accounts”)


Sources have confirmed that the song has been criticized for years for anti-Asian sentiments. The new lyrics have been changed to “ Find a, find a neighborhood.”

The change of lyrics derive from the rising issue of Asian hate crimes being committed across the country during the coronavirus. Including former President Trump concluding that Chinese people are responsible for the viral virus.

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